Allocations Policy 2018 (interim)

Allocations Policy Update

Our Tenants Advisory Group (TAG) and Board agreed last year to develop an Allocations Review Panel to support us to undertake a review of our Allocations Policy. Volunteers for the group were sought form TAG, Board and an article was placed in Westworld inviting tenants to join the group. Following this exercise a group of volunteers came together to meet with staff to progress the review. We also carried out a survey of specific groups of applicants who are on our waiting lists as well as setting up an online survey.  

After we went through the consultation process a small number of changes to the policy were recommended to the Board who agreed to the changes in January 2018. The main change to the policy is in how we deal with homeless applicants.  Under the Homelessness (Scotland) Act 2003, all Housing Associations have a duty to support Local Authorities to provide secure, permanent accommodation to homeless applicants.

This is done through a process known as a ‘section 5 referral’ and applies to how we allocate our houses in Glasgow and Ayrshire. As well as this, our existing  allocations policy also gives 30 ‘homeless’ points to those applicants who can provide confirmation that they have been assessed  as homeless by the Local Authority.

From 1st of May 2018 we will rehouse homeless applicants through the ‘section 5 referral’ route, only, which is in line with how the vast majority of other housing association process homeless applications. This change will allow us to reflect more accurately the number of statutory homeless applicants we support Local Authorities to rehouse in Glasgow and Ayrshire.

If you are one of our applicants who are losing these points you should have received a letter giving your new points total. Please note this change does not in anyway change your homeless assessment by the Local Authority.

If you currently live in homeless supported accommodation or homeless furnished accommodation, please contact us on 0141 550 5600 as we may require a copy of your occupancy agreement to allow us to award Insecure Tenancy Points.

We would advise you to contact your homeless support worker as you will only be offered a property from us through the agreed ‘section 5 referral’ process in place with Glasgow and Ayrshire Councils.

If your circumstances have changed or you would like to discuss your application, please contact us.

How we allocate our homes

We operate an open housing list. This means that anyone over the age of 16 years old can apply to us directly to be considered for housing. Our Allocations Policy is points based and ensures that properties are offered to those in the greatest housing need. You can view a copy of the policy here.

We also accept nominations for housing from some local authorities and we help alleviate homelessness in Scotland by allocating a proportion of our vacant properties to Statutory Homeless people, through Local Authority homelessness protocols.

How do I apply for a house?

Since 2016 the Association has offered a Housing Advice service to all applicants looking to be rehoused in Glasgow and Ayrshire. The Housing Advice process allows applicants to talk with our trained housing staff to discuss their particular needs and complete an application form, as appropriate, either in our office or by telephone appointment.

At the interview we will be able to give you a realistic indication of whether we would be able to offer you housing and we can also advise you on alternative housing options which might be more appropriate. We can also give advice on budgeting for a new house, benefit issues and any other support you may require before considering taking on a tenancy. During the interview we will provide you with a copy of our Housing Advice booklet.

If you wish to apply for housing please contact us on 0141 550 5600 to request a Housing Advice interview. If you are unable to travel to the office or if you stay in an outlying area we can arrange for the interview to be conducted by telephone. Demand is very high for Housing Advice appointments. If you are unable to attend, or no longer need your appointment, we would strongly encourage you to let us know so that your interview slot may be offered to someone else in housing need.